2-FabrikOur manufacturing facilities are one of the most innovative modern and obliging factories in the world of fashion, which concentrate inter alia on production of large quantities. The biggest part of our production is based in turkey, where we rely on our machinery which inter alia consists of about 1127 ultra-modern computer-operated as well as automatic machines. We use since the beginning of 2014 our new computurized machinery park (Link Toe). Furthermore about 1200 professional employees, which undergo continuous training, provide the high standards compliance. Thereby the health of our employees is always a priority. Independent testing institutes, as such as the BSCI, verify that we set a high value on social standards. We also focus on our customer’s health, that’s why our products get certified by the Ökotex and are permanently monitored.
The diversity of needle counts varies between 84 N and 400 N. We only use high-grade fiber brands, whose quality gets permanent monitoring. Our manufacturing facilities underlie high quality standards. The high quality standards are shown inter alia through our certificates and awards. We also produce in Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and China.

Here some reference values about our manufactory in Istanbul: